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Principal’s Message

“The aim of education is the knowledge not only of facts but of values which help us in improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world far better than you found it”.

Education is an interactive process in which children are allowed to explore and evolve objectives. Environment that is conductive to learn is one which allows space for every child to express opinions, set up communication, and build skills and resources. Our school is committed towards building such an environment.

Also, we believe that learning is not completed without parental commitment to the same ideal. We should inculcate correct value systems in our students. I want that my students should learn to ask questions and be ready to learn from each other. The past years have been of rich experiences, further learning and challenges which call upon us for more changes and adaptation to the times and situations. As far as the students are concerned, we see constant changes in their way of growing, mode of learning and style of interacting etc. We need to understand all these in the background of today’s scenario where the young minds and hearts are forcibly drawn into undesirable deeds and behaviour patterns.

CPS, Rudrapur has been achieving value-added academic results. Our strength is that we infuse character and citizenship education in both our Instructional Programmes and CCAs, in enriching our students’ learning. We have initiated Gloria in Excelsis’ Movement (our school motto) for students to live out and lead their lives with Glory. The idea is to start making the difference in themselves, then their family, school, nation, and eventually the world. Columbus encourages their students to find opportunities to serve their families, their neighbours, the school and community at large. Service learning is thus one of our pedagogical tools to inculcate school values. A conducive learning environment is another key feature of CPS. Besides having a pool of dedicated and caring teachers, CPS is well-equipped to support holistic education. We have recently upgraded some of our school facilities to enhance students’ learning.

CPS, Rudrapur in preparing young people to enter in the world with well developed personal skills, self confidence and a strong academic background. We aim to develop creativity and originality along with nurturing leadership potential. We are also committed to provide holistic education in a safe and happy learning environment. The school offers a range of activities and opportunities that are designed to promote excellence, confidence and self esteem.

In sum, we are dedicated for providing a well-rounded education for your child by creating unique learning experiences with an emphasis on character development and values inculcation. Let us work in partnership to help your child achieve a bright future through holistic education.

Arvind Shrivastava
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