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Head Girl's Message

One person with a belief is equal to a force of 99 who have only interests.”

Your dreams push you to try new things and that might mean that you may not succeed at first. But with determination, hard-work, and time; you eventually will.

I was actually quite a shy and quiet girl. I would have never believed if someone had told me that one day I would be appointed as the Head Girl of my school. Today, being the Head-Girl of a school such a Columbus is in itself special. This school is extraordinary because we at Columbus encourage each other to exercise our optimal potential. Our curriculum is not merely academic but strives to take advantage of every opportunity. At Columbus teachers are thoroughly supportive and constantly offering guidance. All the activities offered intent to take students out of their comfort zone and master new skills.

It is because of this school that I have changed and grown. I have become better.

Many people would perceive the role of the Head Girl as one with greater power over others. I differ to support. I see the role of a Head Girl as one of responsibility. Firstly, as a student leader, it becomes my responsibility to align student’s conduct and behavior with the principles and expectations of the school. Further, I look upon this position as opportunity to encourage fellow Columbians towards greater involvement in school activities; motivate them to use the platform of various opportunities provided by the school and participate with both zeal to learn and a spirit to excel. Also, while holding this coveted responsibility, I shall look forward to hear student’s views; lend them both an ear and a shoulder in order to fulfill my responsibility as a true leader.

My experiences at this institution have shaped me into what I am today and will help me to deal with the practical world in a more impressive and effective manner. I now don’t worry about burning bridges as Columbus has taught me to built bridges on my own.

At last I can only commit that I will give my best to keep up the honour of this responsibility bestowed upon me.

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